GCD2100 Kit Portable Flame Cutting Machine Kit

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Kit Includes: 

  • 1 Portable Flame Cutting Machine Body
  • 1 GCD210011 6ft Track
  • 1 GCD210002 Torch Holder
  • 1 GCD210004 Torch
  • 1 GCD210003 Move Torch Assembly

This multipurpose flame cutting machine is precise, versatile, and reliable. It performs a variety fo welding operations. It is excellent for linear and circular cutting of steel plates. More than capable in cutting oblique and vertical planes.

It can be used for flame hardening or other applications by utilizing attachments. This machine features ingenious construction, simple operation and convenient portability.

Thermal insulating shields on the side and bottom of machine provides needed protection for long-term machine safety, accuracy and reliability.

Cutting Diameter: 200-2000mm

Cutting Thickness: As per cutting tip

Cutting Speed: 100-700mm/min

Motor Model: S261

Motor Power: 24W

Motor Speed: 3600-4000rpm

Input Voltage: AC 110V

Working Voltage: DC 50V

Total Weight: 22Kg

Track (2): 1830mm (6 Feet)

Overall Dimension
of Machine : 340x215x132mm